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 About the CD

Teaching French through Song

Original songs featuring students from Académie Lafayette. Catchy and enjoyable to listen to, these 14 songs can easily complement a traditional classroom lesson or serve as a fun activity at home or on the go! Covering a wide range of grammar and vocabulary, learners from beginner to intermediate level will develop their language skills and find that textbook concepts naturally begin to make sense, as easily as a song on the radio gets into your head. Paired with the workbook, these songs are a proven and fun way to retain French lessons.


Lesson 1: Days and Months
Lesson 2: Colors
Lesson 3: Asking a Question
Lesson 4: Personal Pronouns and the Verbs Etre and Avoir
Lesson 5: The Present Tense of -er Verbs
Lesson 6: Plural Forms of Nouns and Adjectives
Lesson 7: Expressions with Etre and Avoir
Lesson 8: Negation
Lesson 9: The Imperfect Tense
Lesson 10: The Past Tense
Lesson 11: The 14 Verbs that Use Etre in the Past Tense
Lesson 12: The Prepositions chez, à, au
Lesson 13: Prepositions of Place
Lesson 14: Common Mistakes


About the Workbook

Reinforcing the Lessons

170-page workbook with chapters covering all 14 songs on the album, including an Answer Key in the back. Each chapter includes the song’s lyrics, a detailed explanation of the grammar rule it teaches, fun activities and exercises, a vocabulary list, and helpful tips and tricks that go beyond what is covered in the songs. The workbook is available with English instructions (for your everyday learner) or French instructions (ideal for immersion schools).  With this workbook, learners can put the songs into practice to hone their French and fully grasp each lesson.


About Franck 

5th grade teacher by day, songwriter by night... 

From a small town in France, Franck moved to the U.S. in 2009 with his American wife. He teaches in a French immersion school for American children called Académie Lafayette in Kansas City. In his time there, he has found that his students (and any French language learners, for that matter) have difficulty remembering French language concepts. Being a singer-songwriter himself, he thought, “Why not teach French through song?”


In 2005, Franck wrote his Masters thesis on Learning French though Song and found that when lessons are embedded in music, students can often retain a great deal more information—in part because they commit the songs to long-term memory instead of short-term memory (which can be easily used to pass a test, but doesn’t hold up over time).  Just think of how the average American can name all 50 states in alphabetical order thanks to a song learned in childhood!


In 2014, Franck was awarded the Fund for Teachers Fellowship for his proposal to teach through song. This launched him into the creative process of recording an album and writing a workbook to accompany it—and ultimately founding his new company, do re mi Languages. With your support, Franck will continue to create new songs to teach French as well as other languages! 


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